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Sinotruk Tanzania's goal is to provide excellent and suitable howo sinotruk products and semi trailers for transportation companies and fleets in Tanzania. Including howo dump truck, howo tractor truck, howo cargo truck, howo fuel tank truck, howo concrete mixer truck, howo water tank truck, howo truck head and other products. The semi trailers including flatbed semi trailer, lowbed trailer, sidelifter trailers, cement tanker trailer, fuel tanker trailer, tipper trailer etc. We can provide customized services according to the different needs of customers.

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Semi Trailer in Tanzania

2024 Tri Axle 40 Foot Flatbed Trailer
Sinotruk Tanzania provides customers with 2024 new tri axle flatbed trailer , tri axle flatbed trailer for sale , 40 foot flatbed , 40 foot flatbed trailer , 40 foot flatbed trailer for sale , flatbed trailer prices
How Much is a Flatbed Trailer
The front and rear double baffle design of the 2024 new tri axle 40ft flatbed trailer for sale in Tanzania can achieve high load capacity and is suitable for heavy-load transportation.
4 Axle 100 Ton Low Low Bed Trailer
The 2024 new 4 axle 100 ton hydraulic low low bed trailer price in Tanzania is equipped with a hydraulic lifting mechanism to improve loading and unloading efficiency and safety. The body is reinforced and can withstand larger static and dynamic loads.
2024 New 45CBM Palm Oil Tanker Trailer
The 2024 new 45cbm oil tanker semi trailers in Dar es Salaam Tanzania are equipped with safety features to ensure the safe transportation of flammable and hazardous liquids.
40 CBM New End Dump Semi Trailer
The new 40 cbm end dump trailers in Tanzania Dar es Salaam are a common type of trailer used for hauling a variety of bulk materials. The dump semi trailers feature a hinged rear tailgate that opens downwards to allow for easy unloading of the cargo.
New Bulk Cement Tank Trailer
This new cement tank trailer in Tanzania adopts an air suspension system on the front axle and a mechanical suspension system on the rear axle, aiming to balance the needs of comfort, stability and carrying capacity to meet diverse transportation requirem
Cement Concrete Mixer Trailer
The concrete mixer trailer for sale in Tanzania Dar es Salaam is equipped with a mixing drum or container that rotates to blend cement, aggregates, water, and other additives to produce fresh concrete on-site.
40 Ft Drop Side Semi Trailer
The side walls of the 40 ft drop side trailer for sale in Tanzania can be lowered or removed to facilitate access to the cargo area, making it easy to load and unload all types of cargo, from bulky equipment to loose materials.

Howo Truck Tanzania

Hohan Dump Truck NX
Sinotruk Hohan dump trucks in Tanzania Dar es Salaam are widely used in construction, mining, engineering, logistics and other fields, providing important support for the transportation and handling of various materials.
Sinotruk Howo 6x4 Dump Truck 10 Wheeler
Sinotruk Tanzania provides with sinotruk howo dump truck price , sinotruk howo dump truck , howo dump truck for sale , howo dump truck price , howo 10 wheeler dump truck , howo 10 wheeler dump truck price , howo 6x4 dump truck price
Shacman F3000 Dump Truck
Shacman F3000 dump truck on sale in Tanzania, Shacman dump truck price: 38000 - 43000$
Shacman X3000 Truck Head
Shacman truck tanzania limited x3000 truck head adopts leaf spring and airbag suspension system to ensure good handling and passability. Active steering system can be optionally equipped to improve high-speed stability.
Shacman F3000 430 Truck
Shacman f3000 truck for sale in Tanzania is equipped with a high-power diesel engine independently developed by Shacman, with a power of up to 430 horsepower, matched with an automatic transmission, providing strong power output.
New Howo Truck Price 400HP
How much is howo truck head? New Howo truck price in Tanzania is equipped with high-performance steering system and reliable braking system, with low center of gravity and strong driving stability.
Howo Truck New Model 430
Sino Trucks Tanzania is equipped with a high-power engine with an output power of up to 430 horsepower. The cockpit design is user-friendly, providing a good driving experience - howo truck new model , howo trucks for sale , howo 430
Foton Auman GTL Truck Head
foton auman gtl is a hot sale truck head in tanzania market, foton auman gtl , auman gtl , foton auman price, truck head, truck head for sale, auman truck, foton auman truck , foton tanzania